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OU Ratměřice
Ratměřice 72
25703 Jankov
IČ: 00473481
DIČ: CZ 00473481
Jsme plátci DPH

Telefon: 317833321
Fax: 317833289
E-mail: obec@ratmerice.cz
Bankovní spojení: 31723121/0100

Úřední hodiny:
Středa a pátek
16.00 - 18.00 hod.

Mgr. Viktor Liška
Telefon: 776580584


Obec Ratměřice je členem svazku obcí nazvaným Mikroregion Džbány. Mikroregion je složen ze sedmi obcí a dvou měst jižní části Středočeského kraje.


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Ratmerice village

The village Ratmerice is situated in the southern part of Benesov district in the middle bohemian area, 10 kms fahr form Votice leading to Lounovice pod Blanikem.

The area of Ratmerice is 954 hectars and up to the date 1. 1. 2009 there are about 255 registered inhabitans. The avarage age is 38. The village is devided into 3 main parts Hrzin, Ratmerice and Skrysov.

The functin of civic amenities performes the municipal office, nursery, children playground, sport area, public library, fire house in Ratmerice, Hrzin and in Skrysov. The church of St. Havel, little spar shop and the local pub with a possibility of eating with a hall available for social life such as balls, meetings, many other village activities.

The village is fully gastholded and conducts water main, canalization and waste treatment plant. The most important traffic way in Ratmerice area is the road number II. predicament/150 (Votice-Jankov-Cechtice). The net of traffic roads is performed by roads III. predicament and local solid roads joining Ratmerice with surrounding villages.

The Ratmerice village is by its lay between protected landscape area Blanik and natural park Dzbany-Zebrak with the plenitude od natural and historical interests and makes an ideal place for relaxation, trips in any year season. Thera are several very good marked turistic paths known mainly by club of Czech turists. The village itself built its own educational footpath and the landscape is very convenient for biking especially- microregion Dzbany and a locality of Blanik knights.

Ratmerice can be proud of a big deal of green vegetation in the urban area of the village. The pure nature is not only around Ratmerice, but the village itself is in the middle of the nature. The green heart of village is a village square with grown heart whitewood, the whitewoods surround also the church of St. Havel. From the 1st half of 13th century they have been bordering the path to castle park. Those big trees are dominated plants of park and are very unique in the Czech republic – they are called huge redwoods. During 150 years they reached the high of 50 metres.

Thanks to the enterprise of civic gilds, in which most of the inhabitans are members of, the social life is very rich here thanks to many events wiht longer or shorter tradition.

Ratmerice people like spending time together, they celebrate a lot of events existing for many years and became very traditional – Mardi Gras, building the May pole, Christmas-Eve meeting in a church of St. Havel celebrated by singing carols, fair and wake entertainments, balls of civic clubs.

Except those mentioned traditions, there are new traditions too like:

Mothers day, concerts of classical music, advent meeting, a midnight welcoming of new year.

In a year 2007 a completely new event took its part – with the cooperation of Rome-catholic parish in August carnival – there was the first fair procession to the fountain of St. Ann.

Children and young people can enjoy carnival, sport day and also lamp entourage every yaer.

There are many other traditions for example: Easter carols, Nicolas entourage or decoration of Christmas tree in a public area of a village.

There are many other very popular sport activities too.

Most of actions are organised by voluntary help of Ratmerice inhabitans, that we found as really rare nowdays. Old habits and also new habits are hold by their resposibility and their own effort.

They are not uncareful to each other, they know, they all are neighbours in one village.

That is way Ratmerice in a year 2008 received and an award – for social life in a local competition – The village of the year.